One graduate student story - кедровые бочки РосКедр
Железноводская, 13
Кедровые бочки в наличии в Вашем городе!

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Телефон горячей линии: 8 800 555 27 07
Телефон горячей линии:
8 800 555 27 07

One graduate student story

или сага о кедровой бочке

Как все начиналось

2003 год: 4 сотрудника, 1 цех, реализовано 25 бочек.

Мы сегодня

2022 год: 48 сотрудников, 6 цехов, реализовано более 1200 бочек за год.


Author of 3 patents for inventions, including a patent for «Cedar barrel term biological unit for rehabilitation», which received 5 gold, 3 silver medals, 19 diplomas, and certificates at international exhibitions, symposia, forums. Participant in the International Mining Congress 2010 on workers’ rehabilitation. In 2012, the government of St. Petersburg awarded the medal «For dedication to Science».

Author of 20 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, winner, and prize-winner of many international and all-Russian scientific conferences.

Since the foundation of our company, I have traveled a lot throughout Russia. I stood at the origins in 2003, when no one knew about phyto barrels. I took on the job of promoting this product to the masses. Unfortunately, the strong hand of the market is taking its toll, and today we can see that lots of unscrupulous competitors have appeared. Based on non-operational furniture factories, they have started to produce carpentry barrels that cannot withstand any criticism and have absolutely nothing to do with medicine. RosKedr has a history, a scientific base, professionalism, competent masters, and a strong desire to carry out its mission: to help people improve their health.

We are grateful to our clients and people who see us as something unique: not just a beautiful business project, but know-how. As an expert in this field and a representative of the scientific community, I have repeatedly been invited to speak at various conferences and symposiums, forums.

We are not just a commercial project, but first and foremost, a scientific one. This project has earned its right to exist in the business environment through 11 years of hard work to improve and optimize everything we are involved in: from the phyto barrels themselves to our presence on federal channels.

We have come a long way, and our history continues, strengthening the company through satisfied customers and the excellent quality of our products. Our journey began with a successfully implemented project for the rehabilitation of miners. In those distant days, I was receiving the degree of candidate of technical sciences at the Department of Life Safety of St. Petersburg Mining University. The miners’ rehabilitation project was a success and subsequently served as a strong impetus for the company’s further development, which did not take long to wait.

Nikolay Kotenkov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, head of the company Roskedr



Professional experience



Today this is Roskedr company

Company details

Sole Proprietor (IP) Kotenkov N. A.
Individual Taxpayer Number (INN): 420537290900
Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor (OGRNIP): 305784723000220
All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO): 0146743946
Acc.: 40802810511000000124 in the OPERU branch of OJSC VTB Bank in St. Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg
Corr. acc.: 30101810200000000704
RCBIC:: 044030704

Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor (OGRNIP) and Individual Taxpayer Number (INN)