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Телефон горячей линии: 8 800 555 27 07
Телефон горячей линии:
8 800 555 27 07

Why choose us?

We can make a custom design of any shape — oval, square, horizontal, and even triangular. But a genuine barrel can only be round because it properly distributes steam and has the maximum therapeutic effect on the human body.

Design features of our phyto barrels

We manufacture only vertical round phyto barrels, preserving all aspects of traditional medicine — it is a matter of principle. We have a patent for the model of a steam mini sauna. The design is such that the upper diameter is less than the lower one by 2-3 cm — in the form of a truncated cone. Phyto steam rising upwards, collects and concentrates, begins to condense and settle on the human body, and the barrel walls remain practically dry during the procedure. There is a maximum opening of sweat pores and absorption of healing steam concentrates.

The temperature inside the phyto barrel is adjustable — the optimal temperature for full opening of sweat pores is 45-50 C. In cylindrical barrels, the steam is not concentrated, so the condensate runs down the walls. The phyto barrel is made of cedar; since cedar has medicinal properties and is widely used in medicine. All barrels are made only per the traditional cooperage technology. Barrels have been made exactly this way for a long time when there were no sawmills and woodworking equipment. Even 500 and more years ago, barrels were made in the traditional cooperage way without the use of glues, chemical treatments, stud-and-groove technology, etc.

Nowadays, there are no real cooperators left, and barrels began to be made by carpenters and furniture makers, as cedar barrels are becoming more and more popular and there are no specialists. Barrels made by carpenters and furniture makers on modern woodworking equipment are much easier to produce. But they are far away from quality and full compliance with the technology of traditional medicine.

Question about the shape of cedar barrels

It is made exactly a barrel, not a cube, square, or ellipse because the maximum amount of steam stagnates in the corners, and it condenses, so the corners do not dry out. For example, cedar boxes often do not use phyto steam but heating elements, which contradicts folk medicine — the whole point of cedar barrel in the healing effects of phyto steam! Also, «negative energy» accumulates in the corners. No wonder healers burn candles in the corners to expelling «evil spirits» from the premises.

Cedar barrel — this is folk medicine and a centuries-old experience of treatment with herbal steam; proper distribution of steam, which can be achieved exactly in a round barrel. Some people speculate on this method of treatment deceiving the customer by giving out square and oval designs as «cedar barrels». Today, «craftsmen» make square boxes, cubes, pyramids, ellipse-shaped (oval) barrels, and chaise-longues (horizontal barrels) — but it’s all wrong. A real cedar barrel should only be round! In horizontal barrels, at least 30% of the body is not exposed to phyto steam because a person lies on the lounger, and the whole back of the body is closed from exposure. In our phyto barrels, only two places are isolated from phyto steam — buttocks and feet. In the olden days, hot stones were put in the barrel, and decoctions of herbs were poured on them, covered themselves with skins.

Folk medicine, which has been formed for thousands of years, uses the forces of nature, and nature heals everything — just with each disease, you need to brew certain herbs. The treatment in the healing phyto steam lasts 15-20 minutes — and it is a great pleasure.

What is a real cedar barrel?


Two basic models of phyto-sauna (production technology and complete set)

By now, we have finalized the design of the cedar barrel as much as possible, using modern technology, but at the same time, we have tried to preserve the whole method of phyto steam treatment. Today all our barrels are made only according to cooperage technology.

For manufacturing phyto barrels, we use a knotless section of the tree from the root to the first branch (butt). We have two models of barrels in production: made of chipped cedar and the analog of the chipped cedar. The differences between the models are in the production technology, performance characteristics, and service life. All our new models of cedar barrels are completely airtight, which allows their use in any room (in an apartment, cottage, beauty salon, wellness center, etc.) Steam does not escape outside; there is no negative impact on the surrounding objects, the humidity in the room does not increase. And that insignificant amount of steam, which escapes when opening the lid and door, has only a humidifying effect.

Cedar barrel (of chipped cedar) is made of wood, chipped along the fibers according to the traditional cooperage technology. This is completely handmade. The wood is chipped with an ax, the structure of wood is not damaged, the wood does not take moisture, and accordingly, it does not swell up and shrink. These phyto barrels will serve you up to a hundred years. Chipped cedar barrels do not need additional care and observance of the operating regulations (see details about the manufacturing technology of barrels made of chipped cedar). The barrel is assembled by hand and tightened with hoops.

Cedar barrel (analog to the chipped barrel) is made by analogy with chipped barrels. The wood is cut on the machine, preserving as much as possible the direction of the fibers to avoid deformation of wood. Preparation of the wood is carried out specifically for the manufacture of barrels. Requires compliance with operating regulations. This model will serve you for 8-10 years or more, depending on how you take care of it. The phyto barrel analog of the chipped barrel is also assembled by hand and tightened with hoops, but the wood is prepared on the machine.

Cedar barrels (with artistic design): we also artistically design these two models. Artists decorate phyto barrels in different styles. You can always find something to suit your taste. There are cedar barrels with carving, cedar barrels with carving and painting, just with painting. There are barrels made with the effect of aged wood, with blacksmith’s work, with openwork painted hoops, and much more.

Complete set

All our models come with the maximum complete set. The home mini sauna set includes a steam generator made in Finland to special order, according to our experience, which is based on the customers’ wishes. The steam generator is very reliable and economical. It can break down only in the lack of water. Also included is a temperature control panel — very convenient, and everyone likes it because you can adjust the temperature according to your feelings. Also included is a digital thermometer with a submersible sensor, a timer for the procedure regulations, and our patented nozzle with the ability to form a temperature field with the maximum readings at different heights. We provide a full package of documents: the certificate for wood, the sanitary-epidemiological certificate for the construction, and permits that all departmental institutions work with.

Here are the reasons to buy a cedar barrel RosKedr:

Economical — 2 kW consumption at heating up; heating up takes 10-12 minutes. Thereafter the power consumption of 1000-1200 Watts, which is 2-2.5 times less than a normal kettle. It makes its application more interesting for both commercial and home use.
Eco-friendly — made without glue and chemical impregnations.
Hermetic — can be installed in any room, as it does not have a negative thermal impact on the surrounding objects, requires only 1 square meter of space.
Technological — made by traditional cooperage technology (without studs and grooves) and complies with all the methods of treatment of folk medicine, according to the patent company Roskedr.
Practical — there are all the necessary certificates and permits for the implementation of the activity.

Competitors’ machinations

Recently, on some dishonest sellers of cedar barrels sites, there is negative information about our company. They are trying to throw «mud» on us absolutely unreasonably, counting on black PR. Think about it — who needs it? Only to scammers who want to deceive the buyer and sell low-quality glued barrels and, even more — also harmful to health. What normal person would go to a glued sauna? Negative articles about us — a sign of dishonesty and helplessness, since customers, once they understand the essence of the matter, stop buying such products. And they decided to act at least in this way because they can not change anything. It is better not to have business with such companies. Since such a phyto sauna will not be for the benefit of health but the harm. We hope that everyone will think about it — what is a carpenter’s glued barrel, and who offers it? We do not waste our energy and time, as some do, on black PR against the competition, but we are constantly working to improve our patented steam mini sauna, which we produce for 10 years. We have a lot of satisfied customers and positive reviews that you can find on the Internet. (see reviews about us) The most important indicator is always the fact that all the leading sanatoriums, clinics, health centers, and other health facilities (medical and preventive institutions) are working exactly with Roskedr phyto barrels, as you can see by looking at the map of our customers (see customer map)

And we thank our competitors for advertising «Black PR is also PR».

«We have been producing cedar barrels since 2003. From the very beginning of our activity, cedar barrel rehabilitation has been the object of our scientific research as the most effective recovery method, and then the topic of our dissertation work. For us, it is first of all the idea of public health improvement, which has grown into a business, and our task is to make phyto barrels available to everyone.»
Head of the RosKedr company, Candidate of Technical Sciences Nikolay Kotenkov

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